Our Story

Concurrent arose from the belief held by a group of elite financial advisors that independence was the way of the future. They were driven by a shared passion to create a better business model for their profession. Although they each ran their own businesses, they realized that each of them faced similar challenges, and that by working together, they could find more efficient and cost-effective solutions.

In December 2016, they launched Concurrent with the goal of growing their enterprises, better serving their clients, and resolving the day-to-day headaches that come with running a truly independent business.

Concurrent streamlines the launch, creates capacity, and helps you improve your practice. We partner with advisors who love what they do, who are entrepreneurs, and who have demonstrated a commitment to building the careers of people.

We are idealistic in our vision and calculated in our execution, continuously improving the experience of our clients and the performance of our teams. We value independence but recognize the knowledge gained through collaboration. The evolution of our offering is systematic and purposeful, designed to transform individual practices into a homogenous enterprise.